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ProperIdiots is a group of 8 YouTubers, AviatorGaming, UnspeakableGaming, JoblessGarrett, MooseCraft, Ryguyrocky, TheBurtDude (Burtgasm), Jaybull and MeganPlays. They have two channels, on the Proper Idiots it is where they upload videos of games other than Minecraft and Roblox (which they upload on ProperDummies), such as GTA 5, CS:GO, Call of Duty and GMOD (Garry's Mod). They also have a playlist called "Random Games", which contains all the games they have played a few times and haven't made a series of. These include Who's Your Daddy, Overwatch, Game of Life and many games ending in "With Friends". They also do weekly vlogs, which do not feature TheBurtDude or MooseCraft. But unfortunately, UnspeakableGamingJoblessGarrettMooseCraft and 'Jaybull 'left the group. They currently have over 250,000 subscribers, more than the ProperDummies channel.


  • Out of all the members, UnspeakableGaming has the most at over 3 million subscribers.
  • All of the members have more subscribers than both the ProperDummies and the ProperIdiots combined, with the exception of TheBurtDude, having around 30,000 less.

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