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Psychedelic Eyeball is a YouTube Let's Player and streamer, who created his channel back in 2008, back in the early days of Let's Plays.  He's good friends with Slowbeef from Retsuprae, the latter of which mentioning him several times in the past, and has appeared in several episodes of Retsuprae before, as well.  Psychedelic Eyeball usually tries to upload videos every 2 days or so, unless he "gets busy or gets lazy" as he puts it, and streams every so often on Hitbox.  He has done a number of Let's Plays over the years, but due to his slow upload rate at certain times, hasn't done a whole lot of them.


Not much is known about Psychedelic Eyeball's history on YouTube, mainly due to him not revealing much to the public.  However, he's known as one of the first people to take up video Let's Playing on YouTube.  He has a longtime friendship with Slowbeef of Retsuprae, which began sometime around that time as well, in 2008.


  1. Let's Play Prince of Persia
  2. Let's Play Blackthorne
  3. Let's Play Street Fighter 2010:  The Final Fight
  4. Let's Play Super Meat Boy
  5. Let's Play Puddle
  6. Let's Play Rise of the Triad
  7. Let's Play Super Meat World
  8. Let's Play System Shock 2
  9. Let's Play System Shock 2 Multiplayer
  10. Let's Play Kaizo Mario World
  11. Let's Play Prince of Persia 3D
  12. Let's Play Super Meat Boy PC
  13. Let's Play Super Mario Brothers 3
  14. Let's Play Castlevania
  15. Let's Play Spelunky
  16. Let's Play World Armmegeddon
  17. Let's Play Sonic and Friends Adventures
  18. Let's Play Binding of Issac Rebirth
  19. Let's Play Commodore 64 Crypt

Good Friends

  1. Slowbeef
  2. Diabetus
  3. ProtonJon
  4. RockLeeSmile
  5. Smite
  6. Ragny
  7. thevoiceofdogSA
  8. ScurvyKipSA
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