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Hello there, toaster heads!

―Purple Shep

'Purple Shep is a fictional character created by ExplodingTNT. His parents are Pink Sheep and the Enderdragon. He was created when the dragon egg teleported on Pink Sheep and created a mix between Pink Sheep and the Ender Dragon. He is noted for being quite ugly and stupid.


Purple Shep is a purple sheep, with an extremely disfigured face. He does retain his father's mustache however, and he speaks in the "WillfromAfar" voice which can be emulated with many text to speech programs. He doesn't seem to be able to use his father's or mother's abilities.


Purple Shep was created when the Ender Dragon's egg teleported on top of Pink Sheep. The egg hatched a few days later, and Purple Shep was born. He appeared in many of ExplodingTNT's videos, and ExplodingTNT convinced Purple Shep to make videos for himself.


Pink Sheep

Pink Sheep is Purple Shep's father, and he thinks Purple Shep is ugly. However, he says he does love him because he is his son.

Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon is Purple Shep's mother. It is unknown what their relationship is.


ExplodingTNT is one of Purple Shep's "uncles". He is quite annoying to him, and TNT usually avoids him. Purple Shep normally addresses ExplodingTNT as "mouse man".


Failboat is Purple Shep's other uncle. He is shown being pestered by Purple Shep, and sometimes interrupting/destroying what he is doing.

Purple Shep's Twitter

Purple Shep also has a Twitter account, the account name is: @PurpleShepUtub. He types strange things such as: "HeLllo" for hello. This is meant to reflect how he speaks in his videos.


  • When he talks to Failboat, Failboat actually speaks to Purple Shep. Most other ExplodingTNT characters (excluding Pink Sheep and Purple Shep) speak through text bubbles.
  • His YouTube avatar is very similar in style to his fathers.
  • He has the strange habit of sticking his head into toasters. This is why his fanbase is referred to as the "ToasterHeadNation".
  • Since his left eye is "derped" (upside down), he sees half of the world upright and half upside down.


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