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Pwnagemcgee is not a single person, but a group of Canadian males, all aged around their early-twenties, and known for their cursing, yelling, and weed jokes (none of the members smoke it, however). They are most known as the acronym "ABOP", standing for "Axels Basket O' Panic", which is a mash up of the original members previous internet handles. Although most fans came from their infamous "11 Drunk Guys" playthroughs, they have cut down on drinking and have focused more on podcasts and regular playthroughs of games (though they still drink, but not as much).

11 Drunk Guys 

11 Drunk Guys consists mostly of drunkenness and horror games. As of the moment, they have over 60+ videos for the playlist. As stated before, they have cut down on getting drunk, though they still drink occasionally. Because of that, the "11 Drunk Guys Play" haven't been uploaded for a while, but their most recent game playthrough is part of the 11 Drunk Guys series, even if some of the original members are not present (such as Alec, Boychuk, and Tyler).

Current Members + Old Members (as of 2015)

- Alex #1 (or Axel) is the creator of ABOP. He is most known for his "poopiness" and fedoras.

- Alex #2 is the second "Alex" in the group. He is most known as the cinnamon roll of the group, and has been awarded as having the "cutest smile" by fans and by even the others.

- Connor. Best known for his awesome facial hair, loudness, and energy. Deemed by the fans a "SEXY FUCKING LUMBERJACK."

- Luke is the somewhat co-owner of ABOP, and is well-known for his musical abilities and being the second cinnamon roll of the group. Also, he looks great af in flannel shirts.

- Matty (or Matt) is known for his chill af attitude and contagious laugh. Sadly, most of his stories are ignored and he is interrupted on podcasts. He has his own EP coming out soon, under his rap name "Fontaine Lewis". His tumblr is thatwasmagical, and you can listen to his singles on there and Soundcloud.

- Nick. He is known for his random moments of raps, contagious laughter, and hilariousness.

- Robin. Very popular among the lady-fans, and known for his height and amazing pool stories.He too has a Soundcloud, under the name A Park In Botswana.

- Alec, Boychuk, Calvin, Tyler Adam have been absent for a while, though Calvin has appeared on the most recent podcasts. When asked, Matty answered that Alec was busy with school, and he appeared on ABOPcast 47 for a while. After Alec left, Matty announced that he was never coming back, however he is mentioned on podcasts from time to time.


The 11 drunk guys are known for there quotes which are said throughout their video's. Some of the most remembered ones include...

Best Of 11 Drunk Guys

Best Of 11 Drunk Guys


  • "HOLD SHIFT HOLD SHIFT" "IM HOLDING CAPS LOCK" - (11 Drunk Guys play Slender)
  • "Suprise motherfucker" - The Chair (11 Drunk Guys play Slender)
  • "You are the biggest faggot nigger who ever faggoted!" - (11 Drunk Guys play Slender)
  • "LUKE IS GAY LUKE IS GAY LUKE IS GAY" - (11 Drunk Guys play Sanatorium)
  • "Dont grab the page! this is a set up! chris hansen is in those trees!" -(11 Drunk Guys play SlenderMod) 
  • "HE HIT STICKY KEYS" - (11 Drunk Guys play SlenderMod)
  • "Aw snap, this crazy motherfuckers on a table" -(11 Drunk Guys play Amnesia: The Dark Descent [CUSTOM STORY])  
  • "Slender, touch my bum, everyone, have a little fun." - (11 Drunk Guys play Slender: The Arrival)
  • "If my dick was a ceaser salad..." - (11 Drunk Guys play Outlast) 
  • "WE ARE SURROUNDED BY POTENTIAL CHAIRS!" - (11 Drunk Guys play Slender)
  • "Rock, eat, party, play. Smoke. Weed. EV-RY. DAY" - (11 Drunk Guys play Five Nights at Freddy's 2)
  • "YA but this bitch literally--sticks her finger in mah bum! ;_;" - (11 Drunk Guys play Daylight)