Lee Baker, known as Pyschadelicsnake is a Gaming Youtuber known for his horror game videos.


  • Lee's channel started August 8, 2007
  • He was born in Great Britain
  • His parents are divorced 
  • He married his wife, Bru, on Mrch 5, 2016
  • He lives in Brazil with his wife and her family
  • While his gaming channel focuses on horror games, he does do games that aren't horror themed like his Persona series, Shovel Knight, Kingdom Hears (etc) and also does gaming therories at times, as seen with Resident Evil 7.
  • When scared suddenly, he tends to scream and curse up a storm.
  • He is a Resident Evil fanatic and favorite game of the series is Resident Evil 2.
  • He speed runs Resident Evil 2.
  • He is also a Metal Gear fan, thus why he is called 'Snake' in his channel ID.
  • His longest series to date is Persona 3 with 251 videos
  • Second longest series is Kingdom Hearts with 112 videos
  • Lee is a hard analytical thinker and makes all sorts of thinking into actions he does when it comes to puzzels and choices, as seen in Catherine.
  • Lee has lots of stories that he tells and sometimes they are disturbing.
  • He stops certain series from yeras at a time, mostly due to a connection with his ex-girlfriend Jany, but he does come back to them in a restart and finishes them in the end.