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Joe Upton mostly known as QProJoeQ is a YouTuber who records Comedy Gaming videos.


He started making vlogging videos, however those videos aren't what made his YouTube account as big as it is now. After he started making Gaming videos his YouTube account started to get bigger. He started by making random skits as well as Minecraft gaming videos and his channel slowly became bigger. After a while he started to record videos of a game called Growtopia which made his YouTube channel much bigger. His most popular video is Devil vs Angel which has over 100,000+ views. Most of his views come from him playing Growtopia. At the time of writing this Joe has 21,000+ Subscribers and 1,800,000+ Views in total.

Subjects of Videos He Has Made

  • Growtopia
  • GTA 5
  • Minecraft
  • MLG Videos
  • IRL Videos/Vlogs
  • Garry's Mod
  • Gaming Video's In General

Most Popular Videos

If Growtopia Was Overpowered!06:54

If Growtopia Was Overpowered!

QProJoeQ Vs Legendary Dragon04:43

QProJoeQ Vs Legendary Dragon

12 Days Of Growtopia Christmas -VOTW-04:40

12 Days Of Growtopia Christmas -VOTW-

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