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Qmagnet is a Gaming YouTuber who is also a minecraft mapmaker. His videos are all about the world of Minecraft, his first couple of videos were mainly Minecraft tutorials but has since had much more variety including Lets plays, Resource-pack videos, a survival series and more.


Bob and Doug

Bob and Doug appeared in Diversity (Qmagnet's second Minecraft map as two snow golems) but originated as a pair of fictional Canadian brothers who hosted "Great White North"

Mr White

Mr white

Mr. White in the Resource Pack Test Map

Mr White is one of the main villagers in qmagnet's videos, he even takes precedence in the "Resource Pack Test Map" qmagnet designed to test Minecraft Resource packs. Mr.White's first appearance was in a different YouTube channel that qmagnet used to own but this has since been deleted.

Eddie the ender dragon

Eddie's first appearance was in Qmagnet's 13w21a texture pack test map video but has remained a firm favourite of Qmagnet, despite the fact that he is infact a hostile mob in the game


Eddie the ender dragon



  • When the maker of a Minecraft resource-pack changes anything at all but mostly when a they change the artwork.
  • When YouTubers link to the custom map they are playing


  • Anything to do with jumping in Minecraft.
  • Rain sounds when he is trying to record videos
  • PvP
  • Bats
  • Horror genres 
  • Tuna sandwiches 

Q survival



Episode 1 - Podzolicious Start

Episode 2 - Marking Our Territory

Episode 3 - Where Are You Redstone?

Episode 4 - Relocate

Episode 5 - Simple Wheat Farm

Episode 6 - Slime Farm Beginnings

Episode 7 - Nice Ice Spikes

Episode 9 - Skeleton Grinder

Episode 10 - The Search for the Melon

Episode 11 - I'm Not Giving Up!

Episode 12 - It's a Jungle Out There