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Quentin Debode is a Belgian vlogger, known for creating the Belgian YouTube Gathering. He's seen as one of the first Belgian vloggers.

Main Channel

Debode started in October 2009 with a news show called 'The Debode Quentin Show' on the YouTube channel randombelgium. In March 2012, he ended his news show and shifted towards more vlog-type videos and collaborations.


In September 2013, Debode signed at Smosblog for a web series at the network, written and hosted by him. The show was created for students, covering typical subjects for people that go to college. Uploads were weekly on Fridays. Eventually, the schedule moved to Tuesdays, then after a while to Mondays.

In November 2014, the series ended after 32 episodes.

Second Channel

In September 2016, Debode started as a gaming channel with daily uploads on weekdays. The channel also sometimes features vlogs but mostly focusses on Let's Play videos.

In February 2017, Debode confirmed this was a temporary project "just for fun and giggles". An end date has however not been shared yet and uploads are still on every weekday.

Belgian YouTube Gathering

Debode is the founder of the Belgian YouTube Gathering.[1] He posted a video on 23 January 2013[2] asking people why there wasn't a gathering in Belgium yet, ultimately leading to him hosting the first one in August of that same year.[3] He partnered up with the Dutch YouTube Gathering, changing his title to "Co-Founder and Event Manager".

After hosting three editions, Debode announced his departure from the BYTG event on his blog.[4] It was later revealed this was due to "bad working conditions" and "an unfair team that only wants to make money from people their passion".

Another event for YouTube in Belgium, called the Belgian Tube Days, took place in 2016. The event itself did very poorly, leading to many people complaining on social media. Debode the launched the hashtag #BringBackBYTGwithQ on Twitter. The hashtag wasn't trending however it was used by more than 100 Twitter profiles. Until date, Debode hasn't clarified if this was a serious idea or just a joke.

Private Life


Debode went to college, studying Multimedia and Communication Technology in Antwerp. He dropped out after two years due to being "bored". 


Debode works fulltime as a content creator and marketeer at a Belgian company called Snackbytes[5]. He also co-founded the company Pixel Tree with long-time friend Michiel Vossen. 


Debode is engaged to Liv Van Oerle,[6] who he met through Twitter, while working at Smosblog


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