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Quentin Debode is a Belgian vlogger, known for creating the Belgian YouTube Gathering and the community platform called Vlog It. He's seen as one of the first Belgian vloggers.

Early life

Debode was born and raised in Leuven (Belgium). He started creating videos at the age of 17, posting them on YouTube at the age of 19. In 2015, he moved to Antwerp.

Main Channel

Debode started in October 2009 by posting a news show called 'The Debode Quentin Show', which he admitted was "basically a copy-paste of 'The Philip DeFranco Show' by YouTube-star Phil DeFranco". In March 2012, he quit doing his news show and started posting different types of videos.

Over the years, content has often shifted between daily life vlogs to sit-down-and-talk videos. Most recently, Debode started focussing on opinion vlogs.

Ongoing Series

  • DebodeQ Vlog (2016 - ...) – Weekly vlog

Previous Series

  • The Debode Quentin Show (2010 - 2012) – Weekly news and pop-culture show
  • Tea Time (2013 - 2016) - Monthly uncut Q&A show with special guests
  • The Very Real Life (2013 - 2015) – Weekly variety vlog
  • Smosvlog (2013 - 2014) – Weekly student variety show
  • The Friday Show (2014) – Weekly news and pop-culture show
  • Floor Talk (2015) – Random vlog
  • Not-So Daily Vlog (2015 - 2016) – Weekly vlog
  • What's Up Wednesday (2016) – Weekly Q&A vlog


In September 2013, Debode signed at Smosblog for a web series at the network, hosted by him. The show was created for students, covering (stereo-)typical subjects for people that go to college. Uploads were weekly on Fridays. Eventually, the schedule moved to Tuesdays, then after a while to Mondays. The show was cancelled in November 2014[1] after 32 episodes.

Social Blade

On September 22nd, 2016, Debode joined the YouTube certified network Social Blade with his main channel, randombelgium.

Second Channel

Debode also has a second channel. After a couple of one-take videos, it featured a daily vlog in the summer of 2013. After that, the channel went dark for three years.

The channel returned in September 2016 as a gaming channel. New videos are uploaded daily on weekdays. Games Debode plays include FIFA 16, FIFA 17 and Grand They Auto 5. He also plays a different mobile or internet game from time to time.

Third Channel

Debode co-created the channel Kitchen Tok with Michiel Vossen. 


Debode launched a weekly 'day in life'-vlog on his Facebook page, called the "FaceVlog".


Debode went to college, studying Multimedia and Communication Technology in Antwerp. He dropped out after two years. The reason he stated was because of "false advertising" and "I was always bored, they never gave me challenge, always just studying in stead of stimulating the creative minds".


Outside of YouTube, Debode works as a digital content creator and marketeer at a Belgian company called Snackbytes[2]. He's also the co-founder and web developer at Pixel Tree[3]. He is also a freelance consultant when it comes to online media.

Vlog It

In September 2014, Debode launched the community platform called Vlog It.[4] Vlog It is a website where new vloggers could find blogs and ask for advice to the moderators of the site. In February 2015, a feature was added to the site, letting people register for an account.[5] With that account they are able to blog their own advice and review other users their entries. The website closed in March 2016 for unknown reasons.

Belgian YouTube Gathering

Debode is the founder of the Belgian YouTube Gathering.[6] He posted a video on 23 january 2013[7] asking people why there wasn't a gathering in Belgium yet, ultimately leading to him hosting the first one in August of that year.[8] He partnered up with the Dutch YouTube Gathering, changing his title to "Co-Founder and Event Manager".

However, after hosting three editions, Debode blogged about leaving the crew that makes the event.[9] It was later revealed he was actually fired by the team behind the Dutch YouTube Gathering.

After the Belgian Tube Days, another event for YouTube in Belgium, Debode launched the hashtag #BringBackBYTGwithQ on Twitter. This due to the many complaints on the quality of the event and general dissatisfaction and anger from the visitors. The hashtag wasn't trending however it was used by more than 100 Twitter profiles. Until date, Debode hasn't clarified if this was a joke or a serious plan.


Debode is since May 2016 an active blogger on his website

Personal Life

Debode is currently engaged to Liv Van Oerle,[10] who he met through Twitter, while working at Smosblog. Debode was looking for new writers for the site and came across Van Oerle her Twitter page. Debode set up a meeting to meet Van Oerle to discuss her role in Smosblog. Soon after, they started dating. They are currently living together in Antwerp[11]. Debode proposed in September 2016 using a fake Twitter website he created himself. 

Debode admitted in a blog that he suffers from light-depression during the winter, calling it his "Winter Blues".[12]


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