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The React Channel, a channel created by TheFineBros, is a channel with all new content involving the people in the React videos. It is comprised of the three series, Kids, Teens, and Elders React. In the videos, the kids, teens, or elders react to whatever is presented to them. (Please note that all actual reacts will still be shown on The Fine Brothers Channel). Things they do on the channel is react to video games, give advice to people in the YouTube comments, and also taste and react to food. It is unknown if any of the YouTuber React stars will be joining them. The React Channel is also known as the fastest channel to reach a million subscribers since the announced release of the channel. Now it's PewDiePie's jacksepticeye2, however the channel no longer exists.


On the channel, you will find the bonus episodes to Kids, Teens and Elders react. There are also 6 original shows shown.

Original Content

These shows air once a month on Thursdays unless otherwise stated.

... vs Food

This show puts the reactors up against different types of food they may or may not have had before. They are asked at the end of the episode if they recommend the audience to try the food.

Lyric Breakdown

This show asks the teen reactors to guess a song by reading the lyrics, as well as trying to breakdown the song lyrics to see what the song means.


This show puts all the reactors in one episode and they give their opinions on certain topics (e.g. favorite TV Show, favorite food)


These are remixes some of the highly viewed react episodes.


Airing once a week on Saturdays, this show puts all three reactor groups in the same video, giving advice to people who leave questions in the comments section of a previous episode.


Airing twice a week, this show puts all reactor actors (in their respective series') up against new and old games.

​Do They Know It?

The reactors listen to things from a various subject and they have to guess if they know it.