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Julez (RPGGameplay being his channel name) has received critical acclaim for his wide variety of use of editing strategies, while mixing in humor. The editing to humor ratio matches up quite nicely, and delivers punchlines to jokes effectively. Although, only having 1,887, he is widely known for being one of the "biggest" YouTubers in the "Saints Row Community". An honorable mention would be his Saints Row interest-video maker "FL1PPY".

Widely known to mix up his videos, from serious informative videos, to humorous videos- most of his serious informative videos incorporate some subtle humor/wit to them too.

YouTube career

Although he hasn't been around for too long, he has made a noticeable amount of noise in the "Saints Row Community", due to the fact that his view count on a lot of his videos, are usually much larger then his Subscriber count. Standing at a small 1,887 Subscribers right now, he only ever-so-often says to Subscribe to his channel, and for when he does, he won't ask for a while again.

His first few videos were non-commentary, videos ranging from "Saints Row", and "Driver: San Fransisco". It wasn't until later on until Julez's voice was heard on his "Saints Row 2: Dual Commentary" was released. Doing his first commentary, it was understandable that is wasn't very fluent sounding. Him, and "Robert" who commentate over the gameplay in the video, both sound very young, and his next commentary a little later that year, "Saints Row: The Third Gameplay - Live Commentary", he would sound fairly young as well. It wasn't until later on until the next year, in 2012, would he then start to get his deep voice that has been noted. His first video with a new, deep voiced Julez was his, "Saints Row 4: Reshaping Saints Row 4" posted in 2012.


Although he is fairly good at communicating with his Subscribers by commenting back to them if they need something, when possible, he has never given up anything about his personal life, including never even his name, he just goes by "Julez" which could be his name. He once posted a "Setup Video" in which case he showcased his place where he plays his games/makes his videos at the time. The video was shortly deleted after and only a select few got to see it. Rumors speculated that he was a Caucasian (white) male due to the fact that you saw a couple of his toes for a split second in that very video.