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RackaRacka is a group YouTube channel, known mostly for their perilous stunts and gruesome brutality. It is run by two twins, Danny Michael Philppou, from Adelaide, South Australia.

Characters throughout the Channel

Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald is the most famous of all the characters of the channel, as the channel make him a serial killer or a lame superhero. One time Racka Racka made a video about him torturing famous YouTuber, HowToBasic. He is also the mascot of the channel.

Sesame Street Characters

RackaRacka made Sesame Street terrifying, especially in the video, "Five Nights at Sesame Street". They also made an older video about the Cookie Monster literally was a monster because he hunted down anyone who was going to steal his cookies


Scorpion appeared in "Mortal Kombat X Brutalities in Real Life", and the video was violent and not recommended for 9 year-olds.

Freddy Fazbear

So far the newest character to the channel, that appears in "Five Nights at Sesame Street".

DC Super Heros

The DC Superheroes (which are Batman, Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman) appear in one video called, "DC vs. Marvel". In that video, the DC and Marvel were fighting over tickets.


The effects of RackaRacka's videos are very realistic and terrifying. They have very realistic animated blood, freaky deaths, and torture.