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 Gary, known on YouTube as RageElixir, or Rage, is an American mobile commentator for Minecraft Pocket Edition on YouTube from United States. RageElixir's most known hobby is discussing about 'creepypastas' especially Minecraft ones. RageElixir is still a student. RageElixir's channel is Networked With / Claimed by BlackPeople.
  • In the past, He used to be a heavy commentator on LifeBoat SG (a popular Minecraft server).
  • Now, he mainly does "3AM" videos where she claims to be playing with bloody mary at 3AM and tries to look for differences in-game.

Currently he has been adding other platforms to his repertoire with console and PC editions of Minecraft.


  • Minecraft (2012-Now)
  • Roblox (2017-Now)


"Anyways subscribe to my channel!"

"Drop a like to this video, subscribe to my channel. My name is RageElixir, peace!"

Rageelixir Second Channel

         Rageelixir has a second channel called Rage.It currently has 64,000 + subs.This channel is not used often. Gary said he will begin to do vlogs on this channel.

Subscribers Milestone Chart

RageElixir hit 1,000,000 subscribers on 5/25/2017.


  • He is one of the fastest growing channels in the Minecraft PE Community.
  • He does not like dank memes.
  • A few years ago, someone spent $25 on him for a "VIP" rank on a Minecraft server.
  • His channel got terminated once.


He has been heavily criticised for clickbaiting (particularly 3:00AM videos). There have also been many complaints about him unjustifiably blocking people, usually due to small jokes. There have even been memes made on him, usually mocking his behaviour. He has even been called out for corruption.


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