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What's up everybody! My name is Rahul Baskey, and welcome (back) to my brand new video on my youtube channel.

―Rahul Baskey's Intro

Rahul Baskey (born November 1, 2001 (2001-11-01) [age 16]), better known as  How To With Rb, is an India YouTuber who uploads tutorial videos and occasionally entertaining videos. He created his YouTube account on September 30th, 2013, but he uploaded his first video in Dec 21, 2015 and started uploading new videos from 2016 onwards.


Rahul Baskey, a 14 Years Boy Who Has Started His Way Through Internet. The Year 2013 Was The First Year He Started His Own YouTube Channel Bu There Was Not Content As He Doesn't Knew A Single Thing About YouTube. LAter On Only After Year 2016 He Understood Everything about YouTube And From 2016 Onward He Uploaded Videos With Awesome Game Tutorials And Tricks, Mostly Related To The Subjects As Android Games Or Even Computer Games Or Computer Related Videos. His YouTube Channel RahulBaskey; Which Does Not Effects Much Hits Or Subscribes But Has Always Put Awesome Videos For The Peoples Around The World To Get Some Fresh Likes & Subscribes.

YouTube Channel

As You Have Read Above, Rahul Baskey Has Create A YouTube Channel In 2016 "Click Here To View";Always Hopes For More Hits & Subscribes For His Channel, And Always Uploaded Awesome Videos On Tutorials Mainly About Games. The Channel Revieved More Than 500 Subscribers On 2016.

Rahul' Thought On YouTube

"Any New Channel Cannot Get Much More Views And Subscribers As There Are So Many Big Youtube Channel Started A Long Ago Like e.i.; PewDiePie, jacksepticeye, jelly etc. Because Of These All Big Channel All People Are Ingaged Already In Their Videos Therefore New Small Channels Do No Recieve Enough Subscribers And Views On Their Videos"

YouTube Channel Description

Rahul Baskey FB Prop

My Name Is Rahul Baskey. YouTube Is Just Like My Home And Encouraging People With Videos Is My GOAL. I Created My YouTube Channel On 2013. And Started Uploading My First Video On December, 2016. 

Therefore 3 Years Has Been Wasted For Nothing..... And Therefore I Don't Have Much Subscriber. I Like Creating Videos In #Gaming, #Social Media, #Internet, #How To's And More! I Want More People To Watch My Videos Which I Create With So Much Efforts, And Subscribe My Channel To Support It Inorder To Grow. If You Are Reading My YouTube Story Then Please Do Not Hesitate To Subscribe Me And Like My Interesting Videos. Thank You So Much! I Am Gamer, YouTuber And CEO At ReadMeBuddy. I Like Featuring Videos On Many Amazing Topics. He Is A Student And Is From Kolkata, India. New Videos Every Week! Make Sure To Subscribe, To Be Featured On Upcoming Amazing Videos.

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