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Random Encounters is a channel that posts musicals and songs. Their most popular musical was their first Five Nights At Freddy's musical.


  • Five Nights At Freddy's (Nights 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, with a "complete edition" with extra content to be released in July of 2016)
  • Resident Enis 1 & 2
  • My Date With Captain Falcon
  • The Eevee Song
  • Senpai Notice Me
  • Determined to the End
  • The Fates of Undertale
  • Fran Bow: Finding Mr. Midnight
  • Medics Don't Heal Scouts
  • A Slender Song: Lost in the Woods
  • Dance of the Sugarplum Clefairy
  • Pokémon University: A Professor Song
  • Console Wars
  • Muffins the Musical: A Derpy Hooves Song
  • Go Go, Pokémon Go!



  • AJ
  • Peter
  • Miss Bird


  • Markiplier
  • NateWantsToBattle
  • Dodger/PressHeartToContinue
  • Nikasaur
  • MatPat

Alternate Accounts

REPlayed is the Random Encounters gaming channel.

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