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I'm Ray William Johnson, and I approve this message!

―Ray at the end of each video

Ray William Johnson (born August 14, 1981 (1981-08-14) [age 35]), is a YouTube Celebrity and comedian on YouTube who currently resides in Los Angeles. He became famous through his YouTube show, Equals Three, in which he provides humorous commentary on viral videos . He used to have an animated musical comedy group whose YouTube channel was called Yourfavoritemartian which recently ended after the beef between himself and Maker Studios. "BreakingNYC his old vlog channel, was his very first YouTube channel; RunawayPlanet is his current vlog channel, because of once again, the beef between himself and Maker Studios. He has over 2.4 Billion video views. He usually gained anywhere between 3K-15K subscribers daily, but after news of his retirement from hosting Equals Three, he has begun to lose 1-3 thousand subscribers daily. Ray has recently begun posting Runaway Planet/Runaway Machine related content on his main channel, including a 5 part web series called Riley Rewind, which he directed, starring his ex-girlfriend, youtuber Anna Akana.  He has also begun uploading podcasts entitled, Runaway Thoughts, twice each week with Anna Akana and Derek Shelby, another member of Ray and Anna's production company. This podcast interacts with the audience, answers questions, and overall talks about different things, and usually get off-topic from a question, hence the name "Runaway Thoughts." Johnson announced that Equals Three will be ending in the middle of 2014. Ray's last episode of =3 was on March 13, 2014 saying that he will try to find a new host and production crew within two months. However, if the fans don't like the new host Ray will shut down the show for good. Currently, Runaway Thoughts has been put on hold as Ray is currently filming for a new movie. On July 6, 2014 a new host was announced, named Robbie Motz, who since starting has recieved mixed reviews by viewers, but with most of them being positive. In February 2015, Ray released two more shows on his channel. The first is Booze Lightyear which permired on February 11, 2015 the second show is Top 6 and the show premired on February 12, 2015.

Other Shows

Besides The Equals Three show, there have been other videos shows on the channel

  • Booze Lightyear
  • 10/10 (formerly known as Top 6)
  • Comedians On
  • Date Debate

Capitol Hill Gangsta

This was the first series on Ray channel. It started in 2008 with the video called "John McCain may have herpes" and ended on February 17, 2009 (a total of 46 episodes) with the episode "Did you lose?"[1], when Ray changed the name of the show. All of these videos (as well as some of the =3's videos) are either deleted or set on private on his channel. In the show he discussed current political issues with a twist of humor.

Notable Videos

=3 Hosts


Jukin Media

In November 2014, Ray initiated a lawsuit against Jukin after they had accused Johnson’s production company of stealing some of its viral videos for inclusion in the =3 comedy clip series. For example, in a November 7, 2014 episode of =3, then-host Robby Motz poked fun of a man from a Jukin-owned clip who tripped and dropped his new bride at an Arizona wedding.

Equals Three sued Jukin (which owns the FailArmy YouTube channel and has built a very good business out of licensing and distributing viral video clips) claiming the studio’s use of viral clips was protected under fair use. Equals Three also accused Jukin of denying the production company ad revenue after Jukin issued YouTube takedown notices against Equals Three videos that contained its owned and licensed clips. On October 13, 2015, Judge Stephen V. Wilson of the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California said Equals Three’s episodes provided commentary on Jukin’s videos and were therefore protected under fair use.[2] Jukin then sued the Equals Three company. in March 2016, Ray William Johnson’s and Jukin Media’s lawyers came together to bargain a settlement prior to the official ruling from the jury.

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Top 10 YouTube Comedy Channels

Ray was ranked 6th in this episode

Riley Rewind











Famous Quotes/Sight Gags

  • "FAKE AND GAY!" – Used by Troll, his character portraying what a troll would usually say by feigning typing on a keyboard and sounding like a jerk.
  • "GEEZUS!!" – A phrase used when a video goes very viral, very fast.
  • "Zing!" – A subtitle which comes up when Ray has made a joke concerning sexism, racism, or just something which is funnier than usual.
  • "Epic Face! Epic face!" – A line Ray uses when he finds a video with people making strange faces. The line usually goes, "epic face! epic face! epic face! epic face! Jizz... in... my pants." Though on occasion the ending is changed to fit the video's needs. Often referred to as, "The Joke."
  • "Jizz In My Pants!" – A line he uses everytime after he uses Epic Face! Epic Face! Epic Face! Followed by jizz in my pants. He takes pictures and then points out the funny faces and this is one of his most popular lines, but he rarely says it anymore.
  • "Two camels in a tiny car!" – A comeback line he used in the older videos. He usally says it when the Troll pops up. (It is rarely used now)
  • "I'm a @#!*%!" – Used all the time, because apparently, he is one. Wait, what?
  • "Honey Badger don't give a $#!%&!" – A reference to Honey Badger.
  • "BALLS!" – Ray's swear word of choice.
  • "Get back in the kitchen! - Famous sexism joke
  • "Here's the dildo" – Reference of people thinking that Ray said that in "Shake Dat Ass" but he actually said "Here's the deal though"
  • "HOW DOES SOMEBODY NOT KNOW HOW TO FLUSH THE TOILET AFTER THEY'VE HAD A SHIIII$#!%&!T?!" – Used in the end of the videos since "Who sh&@!?".
  • "Throwing a Baby" - In many of his videos, as a semi-racist joke, Ray throws a plastic African american baby doll against the back wall of the set. This baby was replaced in one episode with an asian toddler doll, after Ray was called out for racism. As the Asian toddler's head fell off during the video, Ray has gone back to using the african american baby.
  • "Can we &@!$ it?" – Reference to some discussions in the podcast where Ray and Anna would take anything they were discussing and ask if they could $@&! it.
  • "Shut the %$#@ up Dan!!!" - What Robby says when Dan interrupts him.
  • "....And I approve this message" - Said every ending of the show


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