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Hey, hey, hey everyone,Razzbowski here!


Rhys Williams, more commonly known as Razzbowski is a Scottish YouTuber who mostly uploads Five Nights at Freddy's and reaction videos, and sometimes other random games of the similar style such as Doki Doki Literature Club, Yandere Simulator and Baldi's Basics. He also plays with his friend, Dawko a lot as well. He was once friend with YouTuber XxProClassGamerxx, but he suddenly became inactive on his social media.

St. Jude

Razzbowski and his friends, Dawko and 8-BitGaming did a marathon for St. Jude's Children Research Hospital when they all dressed up as FNAF characters and went Skydiving. This was planned in Summer, 2015, and was done in August, 2015.


Badbowski the possibly unofficial side of Razzbowski


  • He was once a character on a Scottish sitcom dressed as a bunny rabbit. 
  • He studied acting and performance at QMU's drama school in Edinburgh. His passion for the dramatics comes across in his YouTube gaming videos.