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Chris Delamo is an American philosopher and operator of the Red Pill Philosophy YouTube channel. His username is a reference to "red pill or blue pill" scene of The Matrix where the protagonist Neo has to make a choice.


A typical video has him facing the camera discussing a certain topic. Common topics include current events, school/education, politics, feminism, philosophy, and Ronda Rousey. He sometimes features guest YouTubers in his videos and they discuss a topic together. Most of his videos are lightly edited compared to the common "jumpcut" style used by some popular YouTubers. It is not uncommon to see him speak uninterrupted throughout the duration of a video.

His videos can be controversial and not even among his most frequent viewers do they agree with everything he has to say. One of his feminism related videos titled "Women Get a Taste of the Gender Equality They've Always Wanted" was taken down by YouTube and Facebook in 2015. But it still went viral, several reuploaded versions exists with thousands of views each, including the one he later put on his own website.

He is a critic of "Black Lives Matters" and thus receives claims of racism. When people say that he is White or has "White privilege" he often responds by saying that he he is Cuban or Hispanic (which can be considered a "minority" in the United States) to invalidate whatever point they were trying to make. He has stated in one video that he has thought about getting a DNA test.

He is also a critic of the American education system. He has uploaded a video comparing elementary school to prison and has also made a video titled Advice to Parents: Think Twice Before Putting Your Kids In School. On the topic of education he especially focuses on college and the meaning of a degree. In 2015 he released a book on the topic titled Success Without School. He himself is a "college dropout", though he doesn't think that the stigma associated with that term is always appropriate.

He lives in Miami, Florida and some of his videos are shot outside in different places around the city. He can speak fluent Spanish as shown in his 2014 video titled "Me vs Fast Food Strike – Part 2 - "You Have White Privilege!!!" Uh...But I'm Not White."

He tries to eat like a vegan most of the time but does not act morally superior about it. He criticizes tyrant like vegans who try to impose their ideology onto others.

For the 2012 presidential election, he was a supporter of Ron Paul. For 2016, he supported Donald Trump and voted for him in the Florida primaries as well as in the general election. Some of the t-shirts he sells feature Donald Trump.