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"Hello Reformers!"


James (born June 3, 1990 (1990-06-03) [age 28]), known as ReformistTM, is an English YouTube gaming commentator.

Reformist is best known for his playthroughs for the game Mount & Blade: Warband, various mods for it and his Star Wars: The Old Republic series in which he has played through different classes. He also plays a wide variety of different other games including Special Features about new releases, Alphas/Betas of games in development and mini-series with co-op gameplay.

He first started using the name "Reformist" during the game Unreal Championship. However his name choice is not connected to any religious background.

Life outside of Youtube

Not much is known about James' life outside of YouTube. He is married to fellow YouTuber and model BubblsLP.

James is a vegetarian.

Mount and Blade Warband

Played mods:

Star Wars Conquest, Prophecy of Pendor, Light & Darkness, The Veiled Stars, 1776 American Revolution, Warsword Conquest, Light & Darkness - Heroes Of Calradia, Brytenwalda, Floris Expanded, Blood & Steel, Phantasy Calradia, Caribbean, Gekokujo, A Clash Of Kings, Viking Conquest, a number of Special Features, The Conquerors of Coultchorn [...]