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Reign Dilacova (born: July 13, 1995 (1995-07-13) [age 23]), better known as ReignBot is a YouTuber that dedicated her YouTube channel to talk about mysterious, strange and creepy subjects.


  • Blameitonjorge
  • ThatCreepingReading
  • Mr. CreepyPasta


ReignBot opened her channel on February 15, 2015 and instantly started creating videos based on creepy subjects and other things. She quickly grew an audiance and gained about 3k subscribers. Pretty soon, she later got more attention when she made collabs with Mr. CreepyPasta.


On April 18, 2017 ReignBot uploaded a video called "END" and later on her social media, she explained that she was quitting YouTube, the reason of the demise is unknown, and ReignBot herself made it clear it wasn't due to YouTube's guideline changes and money issues.

She later came back and started to make videos again. The video was later deleted, but so far Reignbot never fully explained her reasoning for leaving YouTube aside from a post on her Wordpress. She later on set up a Patreon as well, by the insistance of her fans in attempt to support her content.