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Respect the Pact is a collaborative Let's Play YouTube Channel, who have done let's plays of various games, but haven't updated in over 2 years.  The members of Respect the Pact are either friends or acquaintences with YouTube Let's Player darksydephil, proofed by how many times that he has mentioned the group in the past.  


  1. COD MWP Co-Op Gameplay
  2. Behind the Scenes
  3. Syndicate playthrough
  4. I am alive playthrough
  5. Elder Scrolls V:  Skyrim playthrough
  6. Ninja Gaiden 3 playthrough
  7. State of the Channel Address
  8. The Walking Dead playthrough
  9. Prototype 2 playthrough
  10. Dark Souls playthrough
  12. Brick Films Logo
  13. Fez Gameplay Walkthrough

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