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YouTuber BritishIcon  MaleIcon Gaming
 Solomon Balfourth (born February 7, 2004 (2004-02-07) [age 13]), known on YouTube as Retribulation is a British YouTuber mostly known for his Gaming videos.

Solomon has over 1.1K subscribers and over 18.4K video views as of January 15, 2017.


Subscriber Milestones

100 Subscribers - 11th February 2016

He cannot actually remember when he reached 200 or 300 Subscribers. 

400 Subscribers - 26th May 2016

500 Subscribers - 19th July 2016.

600 Subscribers - 18th September 2016.

700 Subscribers - 25th October 2016.

800 Subscribers - 19th December 2016

900 Subscribers - 5th January 2017

1K Subscribers - 15th January 2017


  • In his secondary school, Gladesmore Community School, he is the most subscribed person. 
  • He has run a few themes with "Goatee" appearing as an innuendo and comedy term and also uses the word "Extra Terrestrial" when seeing something abnormal. 
  • Outside of YouTube, Retribulation does other hobbies such as Xbox Gaming,(Username TyrannousThreat, the name he was given), watching other sports (F1, Football), Athletics and Swimming.
  • His favourite football team is Manchester United and he supports them because of Marcus Rashford and many people at Gladesmore believe Retribulation and Rashford look alike.
  • His favourite colour is blue.

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