A RuneScape YouTuber with over 70,000 Subscribers, who goes by the real life name of Paul.

His videos used to consist of mainly RuneScape pking videos and shenanigans, such as giving Membership Bonds to low level players and other things of the sort. Recently, he has made a video which was actually a fake giveaway to his fans. Instead, he used his YouTube fame to manipulate his viewers into gaining more money on RuneScape, of which he Real-World-Traded for $2,000+ real life dollars. 

Along with the scamming, there was this incident with him and another one of his ex-fans, where he had taken over 2billion GP worth of items on the player's account, (Which is about $2,000 in real life,) as well as had someone hack into both his E-Mail, PayPal, etc. 

It has been stated by JaGeX, the creators of RuneScape, that ReturnOfWilderness is no longer allowed to play the game, and that any and all accounts he creates are permanently banned on sight, no questions asked.

Currently, ReturnOfWilderness's videos have become very subpar, where he has resorted to Top 5's, "exposed" videos of other YouTubers, (which are always hypocritical, as he does the same things he accuses them of,) and other lame subjects. Not to mention, his videos are still getting a large dislike:like ratio, with more dislikes than likes on all of his videos.

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