Bryan Quang Le (born November 19, 1996 (1996-11-19) [age 20]), better known as RiceGum or Rice, is a YouTuber that grew to fame from his "These Kids Must Be Stopped" series. His YouTube content consists primarily of satirical skits and "diss tracks," which he uses when responding to famous individuals that "roast" or criticize him, but failed because RiceGum made a diss track.


Bryan officially created his YouTube account on September 24th, 2012. During his early days, he was a Call of Duty YouTuber. His first video from October 2nd, 2012 was him talking about himself while playing Modern Warfare 3 with him speaking very closely to his mic. Early on, Rice was also a CoD Twitch streamer in which he has gained 1.5 million views and over 180,000 followers, however, his Twitch account was terminated for "violating their Terms of Service".


3 years later, on December 8th, 2015, Rice uploaded a video titled, "THESE KIDS MUST BE STOPPED!". In this video, he talks about and rants about four users there who are Jacob Sartorius (HipLikeJacob), Loren Beech, Mark Thomas (duhitzmark), and Tre Brooks (curlyheadtre). It has received over 10 million+ views since it's release. 

Most Viewed Videos

  • I Mailed Myself in a Box and IT WORKED! (Human Mail Challenge) (Almost DIED)

Views - 17.252 Million


Views - 12.277 Million

  • BABY ARIEL ROAST ME! (Diss Track)

Views - 10.953 Million

  • Jacob Sartorius Roasted ME AGAIN (DISS TRACK)

Views - 10.313 Million

  • Jesse from PrankVsPranK AND Andy Milonakis Roast Me! (DISS TRACK)

Views - 9.837 Million

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