Rickrolling is an internet meme created in 2007. It involves being pranked by viewing the music video for Rick Astley's 1987 song "Never Gonna Give You Up". Rickrolling was popular on YouTube in 2007-2009, being utilized in prank videos, remixes, and parody videos, especially YouTube Poops.


Though Rickrolling gained mainstream popularity on YouTube, it originated on 4chan in May 2007, where a link posted for the Grand Theft Auto IV trailer instead led users to the 1987 music video, "Never Gonna Give You Up".

Later that year, the meme expanded to YouTube and became an internet phenomenon by 2008. For April Fool's Day 2008, all videos on YouTube's featured page led to the Rickroll music video. The latest official "Never Gonna Give You Up" video has over 200 million views.

Example of rickrolling

Rickrolling from the 2008 YouTube April Fools prank

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