Rin-senpai (or rinsenpai / Rin) is a crossplayer and fashion blogger who also does Let's Plays and makeup videos. While he is primarily known for crossplay, his most popular video is an Overwatch video of somebody with a voice like Junkrat commentating.

Rin-senpai's YouTube channel begun as a makeup tutorial and vlogging channel but has shifted more toward gaming in recent days. He does multiple streams each month, playing mostly PUBG , Love Live! School Idol Festival , and Jackbox Party Pack .

Rin mainly crossplays characters from the anime Love Live! School Idol Project and Love Live! Sunshine!! , specifically Honoka Kosaka and Ruby Kurosawa .


Rin-Senpai is also noted by a small portion of his following as the King of Traps for his ability to grow breast for his cross-dressing endeavours. However large portions of the fan base including Rin-Senpai himself deny the belief that he can grow breast but instead uses other tactics to push up his already existing chest up to appear as so.