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  • Rip Paul Walker is a youtuber who records League of Legends and plays on their test server called "PBE", short for Public Beta Environment.
  • Before early 2013, Adam "RipPaulWalker" went by the alias "Adam OpTiC", this was back in his COD days. Shortly after discovering PC gaming he made the switch from Xbox 360, League Of Legends was the one of the only PC games he played, Minecraft was another one.
  • After being banned on his original League of Legends account in mid to late 2013 for transaction issues, he started on a brand new League of Legends account and little did he know that this account would begin a new era for him. Shortly after reaching level 30, he was accepted onto the PBE Server, after 3 months he decided to start a Facebook page, just posting all the new and recent content before its release onto the public servers. About 10 months later he decided to post everything onto his YouTube channel.