Jake Rankin, also known as rnkn (born January 7, 1998 (1998-01-07) [age 20]), is a YouTuber most popular for his animations and video editing. Although his channel has just recently started to grow and build an audience in 2016, he's actually been on YouTube for quite a long time. According to the video WHO IS RNKN he states that he has been making videos since 2006. He was an active member of the Call Of Duty content community since 2010 having 3 channels over that period. Prior to 2014, he had gone by the name 'JAKEX' but retired the name for a more simpler 4 letter name which resembled his last name 'Rankin'. In July 2013, he joined Team Kaliber, a professional Call Of Duty eSports organization which at the time had content creators ranging from directors, graphic designers and video editors. He later became the lead editor for Team Kaliber's organization, but later left in December 2014. You can still view his Call Of Duty related videos on his channel today.

Filthy Frank: Anime Opening

In May 2016, rnkn uploaded a video completely different from any of the content he had produced prior. A parody of Filthy Frank's every anime video. Unknowingly that it would jump start his channel and direct his path on YouTube. After the video garnered nearly 500,000 views in the first month, he decided to switch from his usual gaming videos, to animation. Since then, the video has garnered over 3,500,000+ views and is his most popular video.

File:Filthy Frank- Anime Opening