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"Robbaz here, king of Sweden"

―Robbaz intro.

Robert Öberg (born May 11, 1990 (1990-05-11) [age 28]), also known as Robbaz, is a famous Swedish gaming YouTuber.

Robbaz is focusing on series more than he is on testing games and giving his opinions about them.


"Robbaz here, king of Sweden" - Robbaz's common intro (defunct).
"Become a viking today" - Outro to many of his videos, "viking" is often substituted with something relevant to the game he is playing in the video.
"Kinky!" - One of his more common phrases.
"GLORIOUS!" - Most games, mainly Skyrim and Battlefield 3.
"Viking Power! Da!" - When successfully completing a level.
"Nipples!" - Usually accompanied by "Kinky!"
"DENTAL APPOINTMENT!" - Used in Skyrim when defeating an opponent with unarmed damage.
"B*tch." - Most common insult.
"Ohhh sh*t." - When something is going wrong.
"Hurry, hurry, hurry eat my rice and curry!" - Used famously in the second video of his From the Depths gameplay.
"This is a sad day in video game history." - Used to express dismay towards an unfortunate turn of events, usually involving the death of a companion.


  • Robbaz has created over 550 videos with over 200,000,000 views and has amassed over 1,000,000 subscribers. Most of his videos are commentaries.
  • He has several Machinima videos.
  • He has a special love for walruses.
  • He has a pet Horker named "Walrus" and a polar bear named Oslo (after the Norwegian city) in Skyrim.
  • He was inspired by the YouTuber known as Penguinz0 (Otherwise known as Cr1TiKaL)
  • Robbaz attended culinary school for three years.
  • He dealt with a crippling depression over the death of his father before YouTube.
  • He suffers from social phobia and occasionally anxiety.
  • In one of his Stranded Deep he commented he is quiet and keeps to himself.
  • In Scrap Mechanic he states he is afraid of strangers.
  • He once ran over a snake with a bike.
  • He has created a cult revolving around a space building known as The Cube, which he uses and references in several games.