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Freddie Wong (born September 13, 1985 (1985-09-13) [age 32]), known as Rocket Jump (formerly freddiew and FreddieW) on YouTube, is an American filmmaker, musician, special effects artist, and competitive gamer.


He and his former partner Brandon Laatsch (BrandonJLA) are well known for their skill in special effects. Many of his videos are tributes to video games such as Portal, Battlefield 3, and of course, Mario Bros. (in which he throws real fire balls.)

Now a studio/production company, leaded by Wong, the creater of the channel, it specializes in distributing short and featured films, TV Shows, live streams and even tutorials, all for entertainment. The channel currently has over 8 million subscribers, peaking as the fifth most subscribed channel from February to June 2012, surpassing ShaneDawsonTV.

During it's peak in subscriber rank, the channel was only behind Ray William Johnson's, nigahiga's Smosh's and Machinima's.

The channel however left the top ten most subscribed in April 2013, ten months after it losing it's peak subscriber rank to Jenna Marbles.

Freddie has a second channel (RocketJump 2); this contains behind the scenes to his videos and his podcast, Story Break. The channel has over 150,000 subscribers.

He also has a third channel, RocketJump Film School which teaches their fans how to become professional filmmakers.

All three channels are among the most viewed of all time while having a random upload schedule as well.

RocketJump is also known for the three seasoned web series Video Game High School, which Freddie wrote, directed, and starred in as a fictionalized version of himself. The series has won various awards and nominations spanning from 2013 to 2015, including being named as the #1 web series by Variety in 2013.

Wong has also done videos with many other YouTubers such as Ray William Johnson, EpicMealTime, Smosh, and Destorm.

In 2015, RocketJump partnered with Hulu to make a behind the scenes documentary series titled "RocketJump: The Show". Other projects are in progress.

List Of Subscriber Milestones

RocketJump Hit 1 Million Subscribers On March 3, 2011.

RocketJump Hit 2 Million Subscribers On August 10, 2011.

RocketJump Hit 3 Million Subscribers On March 13, 2012. 

RocketJump Hit 4 Million Subscribers On December 20, 2012.

RocketJump Hit 5 Million Subscribers On March 17, 2013. 

RocketJump Hit 6 Million Subscribers On July 23, 2013.

RocketJump Hit 7 Million Subscribers On September 24, 2014.

RocketJump Hit 8 Million Subscribers On February 3, 2018.

List Of Video View Milestones

RocketJump Hit 250 Million Video Views On June 6, 2011.

RocketJump Hit 500 Million Video Views On December 30, 2011.

RocketJump Hit 750 Million Video Views On December 1, 2012.

RocketJump Hit 1.00 Billion Video Views On March 11, 2014.

RocketJump Hit 1.25 Billion Video Views On November 8, 2015.

RocketJump Hit 1.50 Billion Video Views On December 31, 2017.