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RogerSmith2004 is a YouTuber known for making analysis videos, as well as discussion videos on anime. He also is a writer for anime satire site, Anime Maru.


  1. Pause and Select
  2. HSMediaNerd
  3. Kevin Nyaa
  4. Kenji the Enigi Anime Reviews
  5. LightArrowsEXE
  6. Cyanide Blizzard
  7. WW2 Dragon
  8. Ninouh
  9. Bobsamurai
  10. AnimeEveryday
  11. NinjaMushiLP
  12. AllAnimeTops



  1. Kekkai Sensen
  2. Concrete Revolutio
  3. Shinigami no Ballad
  4. Yugo the Negotiator
  5. The Boy and the Beast

Analysis videos:

  1. Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (Erased) and Pedophilia
  2. Why the Rakugo Scenes in Shouwa Genroku Work So Well
  3. Why Madoka Was a Success (Madoka vs. Uta Kata)
  4. Why An Anime Studio Doesn't Mean Everything
  5. Fanservice in Bubuki Buranki??
  6. Shouwa Genroku and the "Death" of An Art Form (Spoilers)
  7. Concrete Revolutio and Phantasmagorias
  8. He is My Master and the "Gainax Energy"
  9. Bungou Stray Dogs and Ideals
  10. How IS Sakamoto Cool!?

Discussion videos

  1. My Seasonal Anime Watching Habits
  2. What Makes a Good Anime Review
  3. Top 12 Upcoming Spring 2016 Anime
  4. Five Anime I Can Personally Relate To
  5. There Aren't Many Good Anime YouTubers!?
  6. Mayoiga ISN'T Intentionally Bad?
  7. People Don't Think Critically Enough About Anime!?
  8. Anime Shouldn't Always Be Binge Watched?!