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Roger “RogersBase" DiLuigi (rdilui2) is an anime reviewer, gaming commentator and musician on Youtube. He is famous for his role as host of the popular Super Smash Bros. podcast, Japan Time. In addition to gaming content, his channel is also known for his weekly reviews of the popular manga series One Piece, his Pokémon Wifi Battles and his popular Disney song covers. The theme music for his intro is “Overtaken" from the One Piece anime. He is originally from Chicago but currently resides in Los Angeles.

Personal Life

Rogersbase icon

His current logo on YouTube

While not much is known about RogersBase beyond what is posted on his social media channels, it is known that is from Chicago and moved to LA for work. According to his Facebook, his birthday is March 9 and has worked as a voice actor and a product demonstrator for Nintendo of America. He is friends with a number of other YouTubers including Shofu, EWNetwork, Giancarloparimango11 and Cobanermani456. He is also a member of KantoUniversity.

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