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Roomie is a Swedish YouTuber, singer and a songwriter. He is in good contacts with other popular YouTubers such as PewDiePie, SchmoyohoJackfilms and Element Animation. Although he is known by his YouTube channel name Roomie, his actual name is Joel Berghult.


Initially, Roomie wrote, performed and uploaded songs for himself. Other YouTubers believed he had songwriting skill, so they asked him to make songs for them. One of his most popular and well-recieved works is a song written for and uploaded by popular gaming YouTuber, PewDiePie, titled "Fabulous". The song has approximately 29 million views. In a game called Roblox, the Fabulous song was put in as an intro of the game. His second most popular song is called "It's Muffin Time!" and features samples from a video by TomSka titled "asdfmovie8".



  • "Fabulous", one of Roomie's more popular songs, was included in the video game Roblox.

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