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Rooster Teeth
Profile: Teeth Rooster Teeth
Twitter: @RoosterTeeth
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Achievement Hunter

Style: Sketch
Date Joined: July 10, 2006
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 7.8 Million+*
Videos: 5,700+
Schedule: Everyday
Status: Active
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RT Recap Rooster Teeth Hospital02:53

RT Recap Rooster Teeth Hospital

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Angry Birds The Movie (Trailer)02:16

Angry Birds The Movie (Trailer)

Rooster Teeth Productions is an online video production company that creates content ranging from short films, skit-style vlogs, podcasts, and machinima shows, but is most famous for its gaming videos. The company's crew that includes Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Gus Sorola, Joel Heyman, Jack Pattillo, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman and many others. Monty Oum was also a member until his death on February 1st, 2015 from a severe allergic reaction from a simple medical procedure. The company is owned by Matt Hullum. Rooster Teeth has a division called Achievement Hunter which produces most of the gaming content. Rooster Teeth's YouTube channel currently has 7,600,000+ subscribers, 2,000,000,000+ video views, and 5,000+ videos.

Shows and Content

Red vs. Blue

Rooster Teeth was previously most well-known for Red vs. Blue (RvB for short), a machinima series that takes place in Blood Gulch Canyon across the Halo series. The shows stars Sarge (Matt Hullum), Richard "Dick" Simmons (Gustavo Sorola), Dexter Grif (Geoff Ramsey), Franklin Delano Donut (Dan Godwin) and Lopez (Burnie Burns) on the red team and Leonard L. Church (Burnie Burns), Lavernius Tucker (Jason Saldaña), Michael J. Caboose (Joel Heyman) and Allison "Tex" (Kathleen Zuelch).

While the series is still in production, its popularity among the company's productions has since been usurped by Achievement Hunter's Let's Play videos and Monty Oum's animated series, RWBY.

Rooster Teeth Shows List

  • Red vs. Blue
  • RT Animated Adventures
  • RT Life
  • RT Shorts
  • Past Cast
  • The Strangerhood
  • Stroyent
  • Captain Dynamic
  • Supreme Surrender
  • 1-800-Magic
  • The Gauntlet
  • RWBY
  • The Rooster Teeth Podcast
  • The Patch
  • The Know

Achievement Hunter Shows List

Images (15)

AchievementHunter's official logo.

  • This is...
  • A Look Back At (currently on hold)
  • Achievement HORSE (was rebranded into Achievement PIG, and then Acievement HUNT)
  • Let's Play
    • Let's Play Minecraft
      • Let's Build
    • Let's Play Grand Theft Auto
    • VS
    • GO!
  • Let's Watch
  • Fails of the Weak (formerly Halo Fails of the Weak)
  • Rage Quit
  • Play Pals
  • Things to Do in
    • Things to Do in Minecraft
    • Things to Do in Grand Theft Auto
  • GameFails
  • AH Predicts (discontinued, but the premise is used in AH's annual Madden Superbowl Let's Plays)
  • Forced Enjoyment (discontinued)
  • Pajamachievements (discontinued)
  • Five Facts
  • Achievement PIG (was rebranded to Achievement HUNT)
  • Achievement HUNT (replaced HORSE and PIG)
  • Countdown
  • Coming Soon
  • MegaCraft
  • Imaginary Achievements
  • Grab Bag

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