Sasha Splechta known on YouTube as RoxasXIIIkeys, is a gamer, and YouTube personality who plays video games and records his commentary and facial reactions through audio and webcam.

My description from my about section:

I'm a very nice person who loves to play video games such as Kingdom Hearts, Five Nights at Freddy's, Undertale, Yandere Simulator, Touhou Project, etc. I also love to work on my own original stories for my future career. I have also now become a YouTube gamer like I've always wanted to be since I first signed up to YouTube, and I aim to become a YouTube channel that uploads once or twice every single week day. I will be taking breaks from making videos every weekend though so then I can help friends out with their fan-games and Gmod projects. I also hope to become very big one day just like my inspirations CoryxKenshin, Markiplier, Taste Gaming, Jacksepticeye, and Chuggaaconroy. =)

Here's some more information:

My birthday is May, 26, 1996. Right now I'm 20 years old.

My YouTube community group name for my subscribers and supporters are the Dark Fedoras. My focuses are gaming, and voice acting videos, but my most common set of videos being gaming. The most common type of games I play are of indie horror. Sometimes I will play some RPGs or anime themed games. I aim to do many different games, and not the same exact games only. Whenever I do voice acting videos, my most common ones being that of characters from horror games. In my gaming videos I'm still finding new ways of adding new edits, like moving and disappearing images or small videos appearing within larger videos, some of the ways I edit is inspired by CoryxKenshin. In my videos, I try to avoid any and all swearing because I want my YouTube channel to be family friendly. So far, I don't have a proper high quality webcam meaning my camera can glitch at rare times. I used to have a terrible graphics card, meaning that it causes my bandicam to slow down the game and messes up textures for me, but now I have a far better graphics card, so I can now play some certain games that wasn't able to play before.

Also, I've gotten the opportunity by TGN to have a YouTube partnership with BBTV. It has helped benefit my YouTube channel but the one downside is avoiding some let's plays I've done before because my partnership doesn't even allow simple copyright claims. This is also the same reason I completely deleted my reaction videos and stopped reacting to more further videos.

My original intention when I first signed up to YouTube was to make videos ONLY for fun, but then I made the huge decision to start turning YouTube into my job. The reason I started turning YouTube into my job is because I live in a rented house and my family struggle with money every month. So I felt like, now that I'm 20, I felt that it was my time to start taking some responsibility and help my family as much as possible.

I have also now made a secondary YouTube that is intended to be for my original stories that I plan to make in the future. There isn't anything on it yet, but when the time finally comes, I'll start adding my original stories to it. The secondary YouTube channel is called Inspired Stories.