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Luke Bigg, known as Royal Gorilla, is a British Let's Player.


The Royal Gorilla's more recent videos include Zombie Strategy guides, and videos with his girlfriend Lauren. We see the Royal Gorilla in person on multiple occasions, and we find out in an NGYT (Next Generation Youth Theater) video that his name is Luke. Luke has also done a few vlogs, one of which was with his friend Oliver. Oliver is one of the "biggest Fallout veterans" Luke knows, and Oliver will be giving Luke the DLC for Fallout New Vegas so he can make videos on it. At the start of the video we find out that Oliver is also known as "Royal Waffler" which makes us believe that he may be appearing in upcoming videos.


Luke is currently a partner of and plans to move his YouTube channel further. His aspirations are to "be as big as Rooster Teeth."