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RussMoney born (August 15, 1986 (1986-08-15) [age 31]) is an American Let's Player and gaming streamer who is best known for the variety of Let's Plays he does and his friends that come on and play with him. He collaborates a lot with friends from Late Night with Cry and Russ, a popular variety stream on Twitch that he co-hosts with Cryaotic and other YouTubers/Streamers. He specializes in darker games like Amnesia, where he got his start on YouTube making custom stories and maps, and more recently a Genocide run of Undertale alongside Cryaotic.


Russ hosts his own live stream on Twitch where he plays a variety of games almost every day around 7-9pm CST. He also does a joint stream with Cryaotic called TGI Video Games every Friday at 10pm CST, and joins in on the Late Night Crew every Saturday at 11pm EST.