Blue Glow Rusty Cage

Rusty Cage

Benjamin Steele (born April 14, 1994) also known as Rusty Cage is an American YouTuber from Florida that makes covers of songs and uploads them to YouTube. He is primarily known for making the infamous 'The Knife Game Song' dubbed as the 'Internet's Most Dangerous Game'. When the Knife Game was a trend back in 2013, he was invited to go to Germany to compete in the new game show 'Unschlagbar'. In the end, he managed to be the fastest knife player and won 50,000 euros. He continued making more Knife Game Songs such as 'The Christmas Knife Game Song', 'The Knife Flip Song', and such more.

After a few years, after knowing that most of his fans are below the age of 12, he decided to end the Knife Game Song series on April 29, 2017. He now uploads weekly videos like 'Rusty Responds', 'Clickbait YouTubers', 'Knife Unboxing' and sometimes he uploads covered songs and songs he makes. He now has over 703,000 subscibers.

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