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Rye-Rye99 is a somewhat successful YouTuber who focuses on the animatronic characters from the video game; “Five Nights at Freddy’s”, created by Scott Cawthon. He is mostly well-known for his Source Filmmaker animations of the FNAF characters and many Garry’s Mod gaming videos he makes with his friends, who are usually other fans of the FNAF series.


His goal on YouTube is like any other, get as many views, and upload as much as possible, while also gaining friends in the process. He has gained many friends online since his joining in 2014, however, has also lost a few due to unruly circumstances. Rye-Rye99 has expressed his concerns in a series of questionable, quote-on-quote, ‘Drama Videos’, however, they are only there for him to address his followers about his feelings towards recent events, to which only serves to show him that he is as human as everybody else. His goal in his videos is to ensure a good laugh for anyone who is watching.


Rye-Rye99 started off his YouTube channel with a series of videos, making domino rallies, which he does not seem to do anymore. These videos consisted of him setting up a simple set of dominoes, and then knocking them down in front of the camera. These videos actually showed Rye's face a few times, but despite this, he did not do an official face-reveal until later in 2015, to which he did when his channel reached 60,000 subscribers.


Rye-Rye99 makes music as a hobby, sometimes for use in his videos, or other matters. He mainly makes music using GarageBand, uploading them to his channel occasionally. His most popular track is the theme to “Zany GMOD”, which he composed.


As the Five Nights at Freddy’s video game series grew in mass popularity, so did Rye-Rye99’s SFM animations of the animatronic characters. He was inspired by videos that other YouTubers had made. These videos differ in their lengths, the shortest is around 30 seconds, whereas the longest is 4 to 5 minutes. Some of them focused on the unsettling nature of the original games. Rye-Rye99’s friends supplied some voices, and he made all the animations to go with them. The SFM animations are somewhat improvised, but will stick to a script if the video becomes over-complicated.

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