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Sooin, known by her YouTube username SICnanigans, is a YouTube anime reviewer and anime discussant, who hasn't made very many videos over the past two years or more, but has earned over 3,000 subscribers for the videos that she has made.  She's also a member of the anime Podcast Podtaku, with many other anime reviewers, such as Holden, Arkada, Jeanne, among others. Sooin also has a mecha-related podcast with BakaShift (Alain), and is a member of the OKKO Anime Club, too.

Good Friends on YouTube

  1. Gigguk (Garnt)
  2. HoldenReviews (Holden)
  3. GRArkada (Tristan)
  4. 42Believer (Sarah)
  5. xDisturbedJeans (Jeanne)
  6. Full Circle Reviews (Kenneth)
  7. Fiction Reviews (Connor)
  8. BakaShift (Alain)
  9. Ninouh (Jimi) (her Husbando)
  10. Animelting (Patrick)
  11. BizarreJelly5 (Ebbie)


  1. Anime Reviews
  2. Anime Discussions
  3. Top Anime Lists

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