''Abisola Emmanuel Balogun''' (born December 13th 1998 [Age 18]) , better known as Eman or "SV2", is

an English YouTuber mainly known for ''FIFA'' videos and football (soccer) videos. 

Personal life

Eman was born and raised in England but is originally from Nigeria. He started YouTube as a GTA youtuber but later switched over to the Fifa community where he still is till this day.

Eman's confident personality makes him enjoyable to watch, he often makes claims about how good at football he is, how goodlooking he is and how he gets lots of girls.

He is known to betalented football/soccer player , as shown in most of his videos and has being scouted for 5 professional teams in his past including Swansea , Ipswich and QPR. He also scored the most goals in the whole of the United Kingdom with 54 goals in 2011 and has being featured in an Adidas advert alongside FIFAManny.


  • He was top scorer in the country in 2011 (in his age bracket).
  • He has two brothers and a sister.
  • He is 6'2" or 187cm tall


  •  "You don't get this one in primary school"
  • "You don't get this one in Africa"
  • "I'm peng"
  • "Bruh"
  • "Mr. Steal your girl"
  • "I'm the black Ronaldo"
  • "It's Mr. do it for the ladies"