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School Bully04:36

School Bully

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Cheating in Middle School

| vids = 319+ Adande Thorne  ' (  born July 10, 1988 (1988-07-10) [age 29]),  known as  'sWooZie, is an Actor, Scriptwriter, Producer, Director, and YouTube Animator & Gamer. He joined YouTube in 2006, focusing the majority of his channel to giving advice and storytelling. He stated in a video that he started his YouTube channel in order to direct people who were curious about his recent endeavors to his videos.


Adande was born in a town called Diego Martin located in Trinidad and Tobago, which is where he lived for all of his infantile years, until moving to Orlando, Florida. As mentioned in countless of his videos, he worked at Disney World as well as Hard Rock Hotel much of which is detailed in his content. Thorne describes that "a game fell into his lap called Dead or Alive" which he found was one of his strong points, often going online to go on lengthy win-streaks before garnering single loss. He began to receive attention through word-of-mouth and became discussed in game media. He then ceased gameplay when the game mechanics of his character radically shifted where he lost his combative style until receiving a call from a representative from DirecTV who invited Thorne to a competition in San Francisco, California after hearing about him.

After coming in third he began to post more of his personal adventures on YouTube and began to attract a fanbase. By this time, DirecTV announced the launch of a Gaming Competition Show, in which Adande participated in. In the championships after a brutal back and forth with the DOA champion 'Master', sWooZie came in first place, skyrocketing his reputation in the gaming community, he was drafted to the Los Angeles Team to continue competing. Although he lost in the proceeding season, he auditioned for another competition called WCG Ultimate Gamer, a reality TV Show surrounding competitive gaming, he placed 4th in the competition.

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