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Philip DeFranco by Gage Skidmore
Philip at VidCon 2012
Profile: sxephil
Twitter: @PhillyD
Facebook: N/A
Other Media: N/A
Style: News, Current Events
Date Joined: September 16, 2006
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 3 Million+*
Videos: 1,300+
Schedule: Unknown
Status: Active
Channel Trailer
Most Viewed Video
Philip DeFranco  (born Philip Franchini on December 1, 1985) also known as PhillyD and McAwesomeSauce or by one of his YouTube usernames sxephil, is an American video blogger and a YouTube celebrity. His videos are centered on current events, politics and celebrity gossip in which he gives his opinion, usually presented in an ironic manner and with frequent jump cuts to create a fast-paced feel. He has over 2 million subscribers, and is the 74th most subscribed YouTuber as of May 2013.[1] His second YouTube channel is called "PhilipDeFranco" and he also makes a series of daily vlogs which he calls "The Vloggity". He also has 2 more chann

els that he operates. The third channel is SourceFed . Its just like his sxephil channel, except with more topics and more people in the videos. The 4th channel is SourceFedNerd where they will talk about movies, games, cell phone apps and whatever else they can think and is the new home to #TableTalk. DeFranco started his YouTube channel in 2006, and his videos regularly surpass one million views today. His large audience led to his winning of a Spore Creature Creator contest and Wired's Sexiest Geek of 2008 award, both open access online polls.

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