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SaabKyle04, also known as: Kyle Lindsey is a well-known automotive YouTuber most known for his automotive reviews. Kyle has been featured on the: "Today Show" in December 2012. ...


Saabkyle04 was formed in 2008 by Kyle Lindsey, a fan of cars who decided to make YouTube video's about "In-depth" reviews about automobiles. In one of Kyle's videos, he mentioned that he wanted to study pharmacy school within his educational life. As of 2013, Kyle has uploaded more than 1,550 vehicle reviews. The thing that inspired him to make vehicle reviews was his father, as he owned a 1948 Ford Super Deluxe, which Kyle own owned. Today Kyle has a Dodge Viper GTS.

Kyle's website

Kyle has his own website called:, where he writes blogs, posts videos as well as an official store for merchandise, a wish fund, and other background Information about him.


Saabkyle04 Fall Updates (Goals, Future Plans, Travels, Cars, and much more!)25:21

Saabkyle04 Fall Updates (Goals, Future Plans, Travels, Cars, and much more!)

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