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Jeremy Soncrant (September 27, 1983 - February 20, 2015 [aged 31]), was a video game runner who had spent over 13 years of contributions on GameFAQs and 9 years of gaming videos on YouTube under the alias SaikyoMog.


Soncrant carried a legacy of being one of the first independent users on YouTube to post video game guides. He posted his first few videos in February 2006 of the various missions in Sonic Riders for the GameCube. He later began posting full video walkthroughs that were noteworthy for their amazing skill and muscle memory.  


Soncrant was also noteworthy of being a terminal cancer patient for 3 years. He made this very clear to his viewers and would often respond to virtually every comment he received on his channel usually explaining how he had wasted his whole life playing video games, but with no regrets as he knew that his life would eventually be cut short entering his thirties and that upon his death, he would be doing what he loves. According to his father, Jeremy still has videos that he did not upload to YouTube. He says he will be uploading a video a month to keep his channel active. According to a comment on the March 16, 2016 video, there are only 10 videos left to post.

Jeremy soncrat memorial

The memorial his dad made for him.