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Saladthetroll006's old profile picture

Saladthetroll006 is a small YouTuber who started on January 15, 2015. With just over 500 subscribers (Jan 20, 2015) salad makes short videos that could literally be about anything.


With only around 200 videos, salad began her channel with a video of herself in a car recording herself playing the fnaf 3 demo,with the flash on. The channel didn't gain any attention until she made a second undertale(game) cringe compilation. This video stands with over 100,000 views and over 700 dislikes. Salad jokes about her worst video being her most popular one. On August 31, 2016 Salad uploaded an "official" face reveal where she claims herself as the illuminati. The video is only 19 seconds long and only has 43 views. The reason it's the "Offical" face reveal is because salad revealed her face in one of her earlier videos. On December 14 2016, said announced that someone had stolen her phone and until she got a new one, she would be only able to make unedited videos on her school iPad. The channel has lost its popularity since then. Salad still make videos, although they are only around 10-40 seconds long.


  • Salad has never announced her real name, but has said that she is only 13.
  • Older subscribers know that salads original username was "foxythepirate006",but it was changed to "saladthetroll006" when she hit 500 subscribers.
  • Salad has a second channel, which she began before her current one, called "Foxythepirate00 6". She said that she abandoned it because she forgot the email and password for it.But the channel is still up today.
  • salad doesn't have a computer. All her videos have been made with her iPhone/iPad.
  • salad has a younger sister,who has made multiple appearances in her videos,is often a trouble maker. This is proven in one of the first videos based around her, where she literally tied salad up with a garden hose.

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Salad's sister "Chara"

  • Salad claims her sisters name is Chara, which coincidentally is the same as the video game character from undertale, who acts as a demon that follows the main character.

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Saladthetroll006's first profile picture.