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Samesonite (or Same), is a Swedish video-gamer and "let's player" who plays video games and records his reactions through audio and webcam. He is especially known for his charming personality and funny humor.

The name "Samesonite" was formed when the name Sammek was already taken. (Sam went from Samuel) deriving it to same and finally Samesonite.

Samesonite has a girlfriend.

Videos and Series 

Same focuses most on Total War videos, especially his Archers vs videos are very popular.

Most common games;

Rome 2 Total War

Attila Total War

Alien Isolation

From Dust


Samesonites makes Funny and Scary Moments Montages on occasion, to celebrate various milestones, such as amount of subscribers. The montages consist of his favorite scary and funny moments of gaming throughout his previous videos.

He likes to edit his videos when he needs to take a shit, that way he knows when a video gets really good if it gets to exciting.