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Sassy & Classy

| style = Androgynous | join date = 2014 Starting Uploading 12/09/2016 (His Birthday) | Twitter = |Status: Active

Samsio Pasa Also Known as Sammy Pasa (Born 12 September 2003) Is A Young YouTuber & Transgender from South Auckland, NZ. 

He Makes Gaming, Humorous & Sassy Random videos. He makes Animal Jam, Reaction, Gaming, videos and has always said the words "Bye Felicia" At each end. He is a fierce social media freak.

Recent Hashtags Used By Sammy Pasa:

  1. SassyAndClassy
  1. FierceAndFlossy
  1. SammyPasa
  1. DivasOfLasalle
  1. CokeMissBroke
  1. DiabetesForLife

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