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We'll probably have a double upload today.

―John Scarce

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John Scarce, known as Scarce on YouTube, is a YouTuber who reports YouTube related news.

The Start

John opened his channel in early 2012 making Call of Duty gameplays. Scarce was in a great start when his second video he posted was celebrating 100 subs and the next one was celebrating 500, later focusing on Minecraft. His first news video was on 2013 and was called "(IRL) SB Apparel Site & Former SoaR Ollie Tries to Hack SoaR – SB Scarce" Gaining more views than usual he kept doing those videos, every day gaining more attention. He later did videos of his life which he stopped doing in 2016 due to the fact he was getting popularity, and he was busy reporting on YouTube drama.


In late 2015, when Keemstar was getting more and more popular, so was Scarce. This was due to the fact that news reports on Youtubers were starting to get popular. 

Quotes and Common Phrases

"That's fucking crazy man!" " But it turns out..." " Actually..." " [Youtuber name] is a massive channel, with over [subscriber number] subscribers." "[Streamer] has a crazy big twitch stream" "That's right guys..." "Double upload." " Hey, what's up guys its scarce here. "

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