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Eric Wise (born March 17, 1999 (1999-03-17) [age 18]) known as ScareTheater, is a YouTuber who discusses various popular horror topics, from mysterious videos on the Internet, to real life urban legends. 

YouTube Eric created his channel on 29 May 2012. He also created a gaming channel called ECWGaming on 30 June 2012. In 2015, Eric refreshed his YouTube channel by deleting his old videos and began anew starting with Obey the Walrus Explained. His video "I Feel Fantastic Explained" became his most watched video. That video now has more than 730,000 views. On his channel he records many types of videos: urban legends, debunking videos, cryptids, Top 10s.


Eric "The Mulatto Monster" Wise was born in Paoli, PA and raised in Royersford.  He is an avid supporter of drug legalization. HIs favorite drug is psilocybin, found in P*nis Envy mushrooms. This is ironic because he is very jealous of longtime friend Jimmy's above-average member.


Eric Wise showing his facecam in one of his videos

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