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Scarlet Otaku is a female YouTuber who makes commentaries on YouTube, (videos where she commentates over another person's video and crticizes it).  She is good friends with fellow commentators TOGProfessor, MrSirRaven, Realmwarsii, and youngbloodfantasy91.  Scarlet is also an anime fan, obvious by her name, and she's known for really liking both Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail, also obvious by her name, and the anime series Black Rock Shooter.  

Good Friends on YouTube

  1. realmwarsii
  2. TOGProfessor
  3. MrSirRaven
  4. Youngbloodfantasy91
  5. nesmario123
  6. Derterifii
  7. Kayden Marx
  8. MacboyReducx
  9. Agan Naga
  10. SkiHound
  11. MasterTP10
  12. Evan Yeagy
  13. The Masked Starmaker
  14. Rion "Rhino" Mills
  15. AzumangaDiohFan101
  16. HalfBoiledHero
  17. larry mycinoge
  18. Super Epic Clay
  19. dirtbikeredden
  20. duke86fan
  21. Akriloth2150
  22. Bangamone
  23. Ricky Ray
  24. Zerarick
  25. galeforce3192
  26. Ponder Sprocket
  27. TheNationofJohnnyK
  28. Blazin'rants&commentaries


  1. Starshooter Commentaries
  2. Commentary One Shots
  3. Rants
  4. Dramatic Readings

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